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CS:GO lawsuit dismissed because accusers had never even played it

CS:GO lawsuit dismissed because accusers had never even played it
This is a pivot from our usual content, but we’re covering it because of the universal feeling: ‘you’re complaining about something you didn’t even watch’. In this case a group of parents who sued Valve for facilitating gambling among children, but who had the case thrown out in part because parents had never even opened the game: CS: GO.
So, to summarise the case: CS:GO ‘skins’ allow players to change the appearance of their characters and weapons, and these skins can be traded in the real world for hard cash. The court case began when ‘concerned parents’ believed their children were gambling their CS: GO skins on third party sites. Valve was accused of facilitating this. That complaint had to be transformed when initial legal action found Valve not responsible, and the parents now said the CS: GO skin system itself was gambling.
US District Judge James L Robart has now dismissed the case and blocked the parents ever launching it again, because the plaintiffs “never visited a Valve or Steam website, never used Steam, never played CS:GO, and never saw or read any representations from Valve about CS:GO, keys, or weapon cases”.  
This is about as ‘oh fuck off’ as law gets.

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