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Calvin Harris has been joking about beards and Grammys

Calvin Harris has been joking about beards and Grammys
Calvin Harris recently failed to win the Grammy for Producer of the Year, and he’s not bitter. Well, he might be because he’s been having some lols on Twitter about it all. And beards.
“Last year I grew a big ol beard in order to be taken seriously by the Grammys as a producer. It worked to an extent – my Producer of the Year nomination came through and I was happy the beard was performing as well as I had hoped… But unfortunately this weekend I learned that even a new beard has its limitations,” he added. “On Sunday I lost out to the incredible Greg Kurstin. A big ol beard can only take you so far. An important lesson learned that i am happy to pass forward to all of you good people…Now my beard is gone, the experiment completed and I can move forward with 2018! God bless and thank you for your support”.
So there you go, beards aren’t winning (anymore).

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