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Campaign encourages Labour voters with a grime rave

Campaign encourages Labour voters with a grime rave
We’ve mostly avoided the current General Election, but sometimes music and movies intersect with what’s happening politically, and we don’t just mean the House of Cards writers crying as they drive home knowing real life has outpaced them. Today, we bring you news of the #grime4corbyn campaign.
Jeremy Corbyn has been getting a lot of love from Britain’s grime scene, a sentence that isn’t from the Day Today but a thing that’s really happening. If you want to know what that means, imagine the coolest people in Britain sitting down with a university lecturer from the 70s and that’s the image. Anyway, #grime4corbyn wants young people to register to vote – always a good thing – and then pledge to vote for Labour, a good thing if you’re a fox. If they do, there’s the bait of a grime gig.
Here’s their pitch “hope to harness this energy to help elect a Labour Prime Minister who will reduce the voting age to 16, cancel exorbitant university tuition fees, cancel zero hours contracts, and through a new genuine living wage and building 500,000 council homes a year, give Britain’s young people the homes, jobs and education they need – for the many, not the few.”

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