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Canavan's, yet another London club under threat from closure: Help it here!

Canavan's, yet another London club under threat from closure: Help it here!

Peckham's iconic Pool Hall meets night club Canavan's is under threat from closure, and it needs your help.

The club’s owner Ciaran Canavan has revealed that the local council have told him that previous owners did not apply for a change of space from a snooker hall to a pool club and dance venue. They're calling for people to lobby the local council to prove that it has been a dance venue for over ten years, allowing him to fight the council’s decision as special dispensation is given to venues used for a certain purpose for over ten years.

Here is how Canavan's statement reads: 

“If you owned Churchill’s or JFK’s or any of the other names this place has as a late night venue, or if you’ve ever been here as a late night venue, let the council know. They already do, though—at one point it was a 24hr venue—and they were fine with it. It’s only because it’s now a popular place and the people moving to Rye Lane now don’t like noise or kids on the street. We’re as quiet as we can be, but obviously with pubs and clubs on a main street there’s going to be noise. Why move to one if you don’t like noise?"

"So please go on the council website and say something positive about the club, how you feel it’s run, and please just give us any support you can. We are also the training centre for the London County Pool Team Juniors. I have twenty-five kids from the age of eight to eighteen that get free-play every day since I started here. No other pub in London gives that sort of service. If I have to close this down or change back into a snooker club they are going to lose out.”

Follow this link to lobby Southwark Council.

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