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Cannibal Corpse guitarist in a shitload of trouble

Cannibal Corpse guitarist in a shitload of trouble
You can only really describe the trouble Pat O’Brien – aka the guitarist of Cannibal Corpse – is in by ‘a shitload’, because this story just gets odder. He was arrested having broken into a neighbours house and threatened them, which is bad, but while he was doing that his house was on fire, which is still bad, and when the fire brigade tried to put it out explosive devices inside went off.
Yes, not your normal day. 
Add into that charging at Police with a knife and warning about the Rapture, and you can see why he was tightly shackled at his court appearance, in a vest designed to stop suicide and about to be sent for a drugs test.
The band had been named support for Slayer’s farewell tour just a few days ago, so we assume this was the same celebratory binge.

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