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Carl Barat to open Margate cafe

Carl Barat to open Margate cafe
Carl Barat is already involved with his Libertines colleagues in a hotel in Margate, as well as a music venue due to open later this year. Now he’s teamed with Gizzi Erskine and a couple of others (pictured) to found the ‘LOVE café’, opening this month.
Carl has some typically over the top fluff about it all: “finally making good on a drunken promise to create the finest Bar Bistro in the world... For music and ideas, refreshment and inspiration to flourish. This will require an expert chef, a lover, an old friend, elbow grease, midnight oil, patience and unfathomable love.”
Luckily Gizzi is on hand to know something about actual cafes:  “The Great British Sandwich has been overlooked and there is something magnificent about the recreation of something so simple, being made with flavour, imagination and humour. Really, the offering of LOVE café is based on the idea of a sandwich bar on steroids. We want LOVE cafe to take the classic Margate cafe and evolve it to where it needs to be in 2021.”
At this rate by Christmas Carl will be running Margate’s bakery and post office.

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