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Channel 4 is trolling Veganuary

Channel 4 is trolling Veganuary
Channel 4 have taken an unusual PR step recently: they’ve started trolling Veganuary. Basically, they Instagrammed a photo of Rachel Riley on the Countdown set next to the word Asswipe with the captions “When your friends say they’re doing Veganuary” and “It’s tricky to all agree on a restaurant in January. #veganuary”.
Veganuary did not turn the other cheek and posted “Apparently, Channel 4 – the broadcaster that supposedly champions unheard voices, inspires change and stands up for diversity – thinks it’s cool to insult the 165k people who are doing Veganuary.
People take part in Veganuary for loads of reasons – to improve their health, to protect animals, or to help the environment. All pretty good things, in our book, and we're surprised Channel 4 disagrees. Many people are vegan because of sincerely held beliefs about not causing cruelty – something that's a protected characteristic under the 2010 Equality Act. We hope Channel 4 didn't mean to discriminate – why not tell Channel 4 why you're vegan and ask them to apologise?”

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