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Childish Gambino liked London’s Trump Baby Balloon

Childish Gambino liked London’s Trump Baby Balloon
Given that Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, is making some of the most intelligent and aware culture in a range of genres then we listen to his opinion: and we’re pleased to say he liked the ‘Baby Trump’ balloon anti-fascist protestors flew in London to stick a few fingers up at the president’s visit.
Here he is talking about London:
“I lived in London for a whole year… that shit changed my life… You know we’re not that different,. I’ve been seeing the same shit here that I be seeing in America. “I used to be like, ‘Oh man, London can’t be that bad, you don’t got guns like that.’ And then y’all came out with the acid, I was like, ‘Oh fuck! That shit is terrifying.”
“But everybody feels the same way…I was very proud to see that big balloon. That shit is unfair. But the scary part is you gotta fight for that shit. I know it’s scary as people with a bunch of technology and data to fight for shit, because you know what happens to people who fight for shit… You have to stick together because we’re stronger together. I want you guys to know that.”

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