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Chinese tycoon trying to buy the New York Times: 'I'm very good at working with Jews'

Chinese tycoon trying to buy the New York Times: 'I'm very good at working with Jews'

In ridiculous news, a Chinese tycoon who has veen trying to buy the New York Times tried to persuade people to let him make the purchase... But ended up really offending people.

Chen Guangbiao is one of China’s 400 richest people and a renown philanthropist who is interested in purchasing the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. However, with the value of the NYT being around $740 million, it's going to be a difficult one for him... To sway public opinion, he has boasted that he possesses what he considers the most important skill required to run a renown American publication: he’s good at working with Jews.

Chen had said earlier that he was “serious” about purchasing the Times, so he could work on “rebuilding its credibility and influence” by reforming its award-winning coverage of China.

Chen said he was aware that many American papers were Jewish-owned. He said he was up for the job since he had “equally competent IQ and EQ” compared with Jews.

“I am very good at working with Jews,” he said...

Yup. He's being serious. Take a look at his business card:

Chen Guangbiao Business Card

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