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Chris Brown 'refused entry' to Australia for tour, Manager denies as they continue selling tickets

Chris Brown 'refused entry' to Australia for tour, Manager denies as they continue selling tickets

The subject of gaining entry to a foreign land dominates the news on a daily basis and it’s not just the poverty stricken that are struggling with the task.

Chris Brown's decision to beat Rihanna black and blue in 2009 is once again causing the singer difficulties on the road. After already being denied Visa’s for Britain, Canada and most recently New Zealand, Brown has now been warned that he is likely to be refused entry to Australia even though he has visited the country twice since the incident.

Brown’s manager Mike G has denied reports that the singer has been refused a Visa although he has been issued with an official “notice of intention to consider refusal” and has a month to prove himself worthy of a permit for down under. How exactly he is expected to go about this, we’re not too sure, but with tickets already on sale for the “One hell of a night” tour in Oz, fans will be keen to hear the verdict.

The singer’s actions resulted in 180 day’s community service, a five-year probation period and a year -long domestic violence programme. The R&B singer served his punishment and has since stated that his counselling helped him understand he was wrong.

However, Women’s Minister Michaelia Cash doesn’t seem to think that the twenty-six-year old’s retribution should result in any leniency towards him, "People need to understand if you are going to commit domestic violence and then you want to travel around the world, there are going to be countries that say to you: 'You cannot come in because you are not of the character we expect in Australia.'"

Whatever possessed him to do what he did is something most of us will never understand, but would hope that the counselling offered helped to rectify. The American justice system is constantly under scrutiny but programmes like the one Brown attended are surely more beneficial than dishing out jail time. It has been six years since his offence and maybe being given a second chance is the only way to know whether our methods of retribution are taking us in the right direction.

His case has probably not been helped by allegations from indigenous Christian group Iglesia ni Cristo, of a “no show” at a New Year’s Eve concert he was set to play in the Philippines, which he was paid $1 million for.

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