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Cobain and Love’s Daughter Sings

 Given that the US is supposed to be the home of political correctness, we’re amazed that former Dresden Doll and self styled ‘cabaret force of nature’ Amanda Palmer has got away with her latest musical project: a spoof where Palmer and accordion slinging punk-folky Jason Webley pretend to be a pair of conjoined twins called Evelyn and Evelyn, singing songs like ‘Have you seen my sister Evelyn’?

But they seem to have done, perhaps because they’ve invented a whole background for the twins and are adamant in publicity that they exist. Despite the Youtube footage of Palmer and Webley wearing a special dress (see below, after the interview segment). Such is their cachet that one track on the forthcoming EE album features a host of star guests like Gerard Way, Tegan and Sara and Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Kurt and Courtney Love. Now that’s a coup.


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