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Coldplay release their Christmas advert

Coldplay release their Christmas advert
It’s festive advertising season in Britain, during which the alleged season of goodwill which should really be about Jesus turns into any shop with a pulse trying to ride the vibes with their Christmas advert. John Lewis remains all conquering (the dragon toys have sold out and are triple the price in eBay), and it feels like the new Coldplay single fits into this perfectly.
It’s just advertising their song Daddy of course, but the video is from Aardman Animations, the brains behind Wallace and Gromit, and features some deeply touching, well, animations.
Director Asa Lucander connected with the material straight away: “The first time I listened to the track it spoke to me on a deep level – I immediately started to imagine storylines and images formed in my mind’s eye. When this happens, you know you’re on to something very special! I’m often drawn to emotional stories and I knew very quickly that this was one I wanted to tell.”

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