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Counting on that new promised 1975 album? Don't. Matt Healy was 'pissed and talking shit' on stage at Reading

Counting on that new promised 1975 album? Don't. Matt Healy was 'pissed and talking shit' on stage a

We all say drivel when we're drunk. Last week, I told a guy that I had seen every episode of Rising Damp, just so I could laugh at the idea that a man would think I had watched every episode of ITV's Rising Damp. 

Well, it seems that it isn't just us mere mortals who chat shit when we're pissed: Matt Healy of The 1975 did it recently, but he happened to be at Reading Festival. And you know what he did? Promised an album to fans. And - it turns out - that it was the booze that promised that, not Matt. Whoopsie.

What did he say? We'll show you: "I don't know what the future holds, but I can promise you two things. One: we're gonna go away and make another record. Two: we're gonna come back and we're gonna fucking headline Reading, I fucking promise you."

And, with a hangover we presume, he just said to the NME that he was "pissed and talking shit". He said: "I was pissed out my head. Absolutely pissed and talking shit."

Oh dear. He went on to clarify the comments for fans though, making it not all doom and gloom.

"We are gonna make another record," he said. "We never stopped. What I've realised, even for the second album we never stopped. We're always making music, that's what we do. We will make another record and it will probably happen in a similar way to how we made the last one. We'll just kind of curate it over the next couple of years, or the next year or so and then put something out."

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