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Courtney Love releases new song: from the Turning soundtrack

Courtney Love releases new song: from the Turning soundtrack
Henry James’ classic spooky tale The Turn of the Screw is getting a new movie adaption in the form of The Turning. Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things is in it, but there shouldn’t be any marauding Demogorgon. Of equal interest to this a soundtrack of entirely original songs, and it’s an indie heavy list.
Warpaint, Mitski and others are in it, as is Courtney Love and she’s released her contribution: Mother is a gentle for Courtney tune which calls to mind her 90s heyday.
Love is quoted as saying: “I read The Turn of the Screw as a kid, so it’s a genuine privilege to have had the opportunity to work with the genius that is Floria Sigismondi and Lawrence Rothman on this soundtrack…”

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