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Craig David replies perfectly to sexuality question

Craig David replies perfectly to sexuality question
Let’s leave it to The Sun to still be asking people about their sexuality in 2017, but they’ve always been slow to adapt to, oh I don’t know, facts, so why would they accept a more open society? Anyway, they asked Craig David about his sexuality, and he didn’t do that stupid ‘masculine’ thing of getting defensive, he gave a great answer:
“I leave it very open because at the end of the day it’s one of those things where I shouldn’t have to reinforce and state, ‘No, I’m a heterosexual’ — because that’s all nonsense.”
“I think it’s very evident in the way my songs are and how I speak about relationships so I wouldn’t even go into it. It’s like if that’s what you feel it’s what you feel,” he added. “The only person that it really matters is the relationship that I’m in and I know, I know.”
“I feel in the sense that if you’re heterosexual, if you’re bisexual, if you’re gay, if you’re a lesbian, if you’re transgender, whatever the vibe is, that’s what you represent. I’ve always found it quite strange that we always like to try and define people and say this is how it is and this is how it should be.”
“That’s one of the things that the internet and social media have really opened up and allowed. People have got a voice now. We’ve got to stop the nonsense now and open it up.”
Sorry we laughed at Bo Selector David.

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