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Creeper release Annabelle

Creeper release Annabelle
We got emotional listening to Creeper’s new single Annabelle. When a band release an album that means a lot to you, soundtracked a time, and then they vanish only to return a while later you have this creeping dread in the back of your mind: has the magic gone? Have we and they parted ways? And then the first two singles turn out to be bangers and you think all systems go.
So yeah sorry for going on, but we kind of have to say something other than: here’s Creepers new single Annabelle, named after a lead character from their forthcoming LP, it rocks, and it was inspired by an argument with the Westbero Baptist Church. Or as the band put it:
“We’ve always proudly represented the so-called sinners, the weirdos, the outsiders and those who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere in this world… For many of our fans, our band is the one space they feel they can fit in. So we wrote them a satanic underworld anthem, a song to sing together in defiance. As the song says, ‘You’ve got to live a little when their world just wants you sad.’”

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