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CupcakKe quits music after seeing kids sing her sex bangers

CupcakKe quits music after seeing kids sing her sex bangers
If we’re being honest, the news about CupcakKe today seems to be part of a long term struggle with depression rather than something she’ll stick with, so don’t be surprised if she’s back soon but: CupcakKe has deleted her socials and is saying she’s quitting music. She did this in an Instagram video which is very concerning to watch, and she seems like she really needs some help asap. 
So here’s why she’s quitting:
“When I made those songs I was 16, 17 and I couldn’t really give two shits, you know?... But I saw a video and it was of a 13-year-old dancing to the music and I just decided that that’s it. I don’t wanna do music no more…” 
Speaking of her songs like Best Dick Sucker she said “I have people of all ages – 10, 11 years old – coming to my shows and I feel as though I’m corrupting them with my songs… And I don’t wanna do it no more so the tour is off.”
As well as explaining she has a problematic gambling addiction as well as the mentioned mental health issues, she also noted she’d done a lot music for empowerment and social issues, but felt it had all been overshadowed by songs like Cum Shot.

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