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DIIV reveal biggest fan to be their teacher

DIIV frontman tells surprising and endearing tale about their biggest fan.

Most hotly tipped upcoming rock bands could probably tell you their biggest fan. It's either their mother, or a very unstable 15 year-old girl who has tatooed a picture of the lead singers face onto her own. Hopefully not both.

But in an interview with 1Qmusic that was released this morning, DIIV's singer/founder Zachary Cole Smith revealed that their biggest fan was probably his old teacher:

"Our most devoted fan is definitely my old, old friend Rob Wilock. He was my Math tutor when I was ten years old, and we’ve stayed in contact over the years."

He later details how Wilock introduced him to music by giving him a mixtape that featured LL Cool J, Megadeth, Nirvana, Sebadoh and more. That must've had an awesome playlist.

Cole went on to call him "one of the coolest guys on the planet" and revealed that they remain in daily contact. If you've ever thought about becoming a teacher, there's your motivation.

DIIV's debut album Oshin was released to great acclaim last year. Here's a roaring single from it with one of the finest bass intros around.

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