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DJ Khaled Takes Number 1 Spot for the First Time

DJ Khaled Takes Number 1 Spot for the First Time

For 12 non-consecutive weeks, it was Drake’s ‘Views’ that held the title of number 1 in the charts. It was beginning to look as if ‘Views’ was going to remain number one on the Billboard 200 for the rest of the summer season. However, DJ Khaled dethroned Drake with his latest album ‘Major Key’.

DJ Khaled has been in the game for over a decade and has released 9 albums with ‘Major Key’ being his latest entry. 95,000 total copies of ‘Major Key’ was sold through a combination of album sales, streaming totals and bulk downloads. 59,000 of that total came from traditional album sales exclusively from iTunes Music Store Downloads. Physical copies have yet to hit selves but are set to be available by 12th August. Some of the album’s popularity may come from the guest spots that are featured, which includes Jay Z, Future, Drake, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and many others.

If you want to know more about DJ Kaled, he is practically known as a living meme across the internet. His Snapchat account has become really popular over the last year due to his “key to success” video series which involves him doing random stuff such as drinking a bottle of mouthwash in front of the mirror or rubbing coco butter on his fabulous fatty belly. He’s also grabbed the attention of big YouTubers such as Ethan from H3H3 who even did a video when he got to meet DJ Khaled. Ethan (who is a real gamer) and his fans should be happy to hear this news and to see their favourite DJ making it big by following his own “key to success”.

Unfortunately, ‘Major Key’ isn’t expected to stay number 1 for long. Billboard predicts that this will only last for about a week before ‘Views’ regains its title or replaced by the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

Written by Tom Lafferty.

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