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DJ Khaled angers fans with some holiday shenanigans

DJ Khaled angers fans with some holiday shenanigans
Dk Khaled had been due to headline Wireless Festival, but his performance was cancelled at the last minute and none other than Drake replaced him. It appears Wireless initially blamed travel issues, and then announced:
“Due to a scheduling conflict related to filming of the The Four, DJ Khaled was not able to commit to perform at Wireless Festival… Although we have known for a few months and tried to make it work, it wasn’t possible… We take responsibility for not telling fans sooner and want all Khaled’s fans in UK to know he truly looks forward to coming to UK to perform soon.”
So key points, he was busy, they knew, it didn’t get resolved.
Into this story DJ Khaled appears feet first, as he started tweeting photos of himself…
Yes, DJ Khaled loudly proclaimed still on vacation while photographed in a pool.
Yes, DJ Khaled’s travel issues involved him being on a private jet, with photos.
You get the picture. His fans certainly did, and they are livid that DJ appears to have stayed away from Wireless and lazed about a bit. But if Wireless had known about this for a while, who’s responsible?

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