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DJ sentenced to prison for spinning Muslim call to prayer remix

DJ sentenced to prison for spinning Muslim call to prayer remix
On the list of things that clearly, obviously will get you in trouble, we would have thought ‘playing a remix of the Muslim call to prayer at a dance club’ would be fucking obvious. So step forward Dax J, a British DJ and recently convicted idiot.
Last Friday Dax was playing a club in the Tunisian town of Nabeul when he dropped a dance track featuring the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer. This went down like a tomahawk missile pointed by a manchild, and the club was shut and Dax charged. He has fled the country, but has been convicted of offending public morality and given a year in prison. 
Following the predictable but actually worse death threats, Dax issued a statement “I want to offer my sincere apologies to anyone who may have been offended by music that I played at Orbit festival in Tunisia on Friday. It was never my intention to upset or cause offence to anybody.”

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