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Daft Punk tried to work with George Michael

Daft Punk tried to work with George Michael
There’s lots of promo going on for the musical comedy Last Christmas, which features the tunes of George Michael, and here’s a fascinating story: Daft Punk tried to work with George in the mid noughties.
James Jackman, a long time co-writer and producer of Michael, told Classic Pop “Daft Punk sent a catalogue of demos for George to potentially write around. Those are in George’s archives. George went to Paris for some sessions.” Those were for 2005 album Human After All. “I asked ‘How did it go?... George went, ‘Yeeeah… I sat on a beanbag in Guy-Manuel’s flat, eating M&Ms.'”
So not very well then.
When the album did come out, “George said when he heard ‘Robot Rock’, ‘Oh, that’s one of the demos they gave to me!'”

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