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Damon Albarn wants Gorillaz holograms before he dies

Damon Albarn wants Gorillaz holograms before he dies
Gorillaz mainman Damon Albarn has been taking to Q about the band, and dropped some clues. Firstly, he’s thinking of releasing a surprise LP in the future that’ll be gigged out at the same time, which is great. But what will that gig entail?
Holograms. Damon wants full Gorillaz holograms, and he’s feeling his age: “We’ve been discussing ideas for a new kind of live show,” he told Q. “If we’re going to do more with Gorillaz we don’t want to wait seven years because, y’know, we’re getting on a bit now. We’re excited but we need to get these shows finished first. You never know what’s around the corner… My dream of being able to see holograms of real people onstage is close now. That was the idea at the beginning. We’ve been very patient and we don’t have that long left.”
Is Damon worried about something? Beyond the impending nuclear war?

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