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Danni Nicholls video exclusive

Danni Nicholls video exclusive

The sun is finally out, and we’d like you to cast your mind back to the same season last year, when Supajam helped a group of young artists play for the US Olympic Team at their safehouse. If you downloaded our Safehouse Sessions album you’ll have heard Danni Nicholls, a singer songwriter whose pursuit of perfect Americana took her from her gran’s country records, over to Nashville, and back to the UK.

We’re pleased to say Danni has recently released the critically praised album ‘A Little Redemption’, and we’ve got the first look at her new video for Hey There Sunshine. It’s country pop with the emphasis on the pop, and it couldn’t have come on a more perfect time. A Little Redemption is out now, as is the single, and Danni is using Reverbnation as her website.


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