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Dave Grohl wants to play drums for ABBA

Dave Grohl wants to play drums for ABBA
Dave Grohl is a big Abba fan.
ABBA are holding some ‘live’ comeback performances.
Ergo, Dave Grohl wants to play their drums.
Of course he does. Nirvana sticksman and Foo Fighters mainman Grohl has been talking about his love of ABBA and how affected he was by their recent music: “Oh my god, I’m such a big ABBA fan,” he told the Beeb,  “When I saw that they were coming back and they had a record, I shot that link to 100 people I knew, then listened to the new song and wept like a baby. I cried like a baby. Oh man!.. It almost sounded like time hadn’t passed. Plus it was such a beautiful, romantic, melancholy, bitter-sweet retrospective.
Then, asked whether he’d join them: “Listen, I will get up and play drums at the opening of an envelope. Show me a drum set and I will sit down to it… So yes, I would play with ABBA.”
Given that Little Boots is in the live act, would there be room for Dave?

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