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Dave Navarro speaks about Chris Cornell’s suicide

Dave Navarro speaks about Chris Cornell’s suicide
Chris Cornell committed suicide last year, and the wounds are still healing. Dave Navarro has been speaking in an interview with Tom Morello, the former a friend, the latter a friend who played with Cornell in Audioslave.  Navarro has had a troubled life, and here’s what he said:
“I’ve been very close, I tell you man right when Chris died, I put on Soundgarden, and I sat there and I wept, and I wept, because I knew how that felt. I’m getting teary now.”
Morello replied “I still weep all the time, it’s still so horrible.”
This was in a podcast called Dark Matter, and Navarro went on to say “To still have that hole in yourself, and still feel that depression and loneliness and isolation, especially on tour, I identified so deeply with that, and I felt so much loss and pain about that. That’s the one that hit me the hardest.”
The advice came from Tom: “The lesson is that there is help...“There are friends, there’s family, there’s loved ones, and professionals who can help. If the arm is broken, you go to the doctor. You can do the same thing, and get real help that will save your life, and change your life, and definitely make it better.”

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