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David Jason resurrects Del Boy

David Jason resurrects Del Boy
Normally, when you get an event all about a show, movie or book, it’s people in costume, lectures, and maybe the chance for a photo with the stars unless they think they’re better than that. However, it appears that an event celebrating Only Fools and Horses is going to get David Jason performing as Del Boy on recreated sets…
So, basically, if you’re a fan of Only Fools you need to take some time off work. Now, when we say performing, we’re only going on what the tabloids have reported, and to be honest it sounds like he’s going to be dressed up and posing for photos rather than running through a script but he doesn’t exactly do this often, and certainly not in the ‘actual surroundings’. What he has promised to do is speak about his time on the show.
There’s no plans for anything on the telebox.

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