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Deadmau5 given 200k to play ONE Bon Jovi song

Music just got silly...

Fancy a change of career? Here's an incentive.

Big-time gambler and Vegas regular Don Johnson offered Deadmau5 the ridonkulous sum of $200,000 to play Bon Jovi's 'Livin' On A Prayer' during his set at the XS nightclub in Vegas back in 2011. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the story of how this ludicrous bet was set up between a group of people who seemingly have far too much money.

But what's the point in having all that money if you aren't going to spend it in the dumbest way possible?

Fuck artistic credibility, for that kind of money even Deadmau5 was happy to become the world's most expensive wedding DJ for five minutes. Hell, we sell our souls to write click-bait articles about Miley Cyrus for way less than that.

Anyway, it happened.


The cash isn't being handed over.

After the gig Johnson was confronted by Deadmau5's agency and the club owners who wanted him to pay up, but Johnson was busy losing money on Blackjack so his security guards kept the pesky money-collectors away. The next day Johnson skipped town.

To keep Deadmau5 on their side, his agency paid him the money out of their own pocket with $50,000 from the club owner. Following this there was an awkward legal wrangle between the agency, Johnson, and the owner of XS (who said he was only LENDING them the $50k). It is being reported that the parties have reached a tentative settlement but it is not yet finalised.

Vegas, beautiful.

What song would you never ever play, even if $200,000 was offered to you? Let us know in the comments box.

Here's the video of the performance. It features Johnson dancing awkwardly on stage with Deadmau5. See how uncool he looks? He paid $200,000 for that (well, he didn't... but you get the point). He should come out with Supajam, we'll show him how to look naff for free!

We're not even sure if Bon Jovi gets paid $200k to play that song anymore...

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