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Death Metal is empowering not depressing: science

Death Metal is empowering not depressing: science
Are you fed up of people thinking you’re a miserable, violent nutcase just because you listen to death metal? (Other genres also count). Well, now you have science in your corner, and it says the music brings you joy.
Professor Bill Thompson of Macquarie University has been researching reactions to music, and he took a group of death metal fans, a group of pop fans, some violent imagery and merged them together in an experiment which showed both reacted the same way: “If fans of violent music were desensitised to violence, which is what a lot of parent groups, religious groups and censorship boards are worried about, then they wouldn’t show this same bias.”
The Death Metal fans were played Eaten by Bloodbath while shown the images. The pop group Happy by Pharrell. And with regards the metal: “The dominant emotional response to this music is joy and empowerment… And I think that to listen to this music and to transform it into an empowering, beautiful experience — that’s an amazing thing.”
We’re sure a lot of you are wondering what that sounds like, so:

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