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Debuting today: Electric Cinema with Animals and Gods

Debuting today: Electric Cinema with Animals and Gods
Everyone loves a good origin story, which is why there’s four Avengers movies and two hundred and seventy eight single ones where the heroes start. Of course, we’re talking about Electric Cinema today and the fans among you will be thinking, they had an origin, they’ve released an album… yes, but the way they have returned after twelve years for album number two is a little crazy.
Picture, if you will, a hard drive which sat there for twelve years containing lost songs because everyone thought it was broken… and then the realisation it was alive and the songs could be turned back into going concerns. Add in the band getting back together, Covid working to prevent that, and you have, fantastically, improbably, Animals and Gods, the new Electric Cinema LP, out this Friday.
We’ve got the title track for you today, and the first thing to say is your monitor isn’t broken, the visuals really do look that chaotic. Our touch points for the obligatory comparison is a cheerful Red Kite or, more likely to have been heard, early nineties indie played by Mark Radcliffe at 11:30 in the evening, aka the golden days of yore.
A band coming back to life after a dark period… can there be anything more hopeful right now.

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