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Details of Stormzy’s first Merky Books release

Details of Stormzy’s first Merky Books release
Stormzy’s team up with Penguin has delivered exactly the sort of insightful, genre pushing material we’d hoped for. Yes, the Daily Mail might think Merky Books is a joke, but full marks for releasing ‘Taking Up Space’, a look at barriers to young black women getting into further education written by two recent graduates.
Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi call it a “guide for manifesto and change”, and they explained “Diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords, especially in education, but it is time that we had honest conversations about what those two words truly mean, especially for young black girls… Through our stories and the experiences of past and present university students, this book seeks to fill the gap of often incomplete conversations about widening participation and inclusion at university. It will be the book that we wish we had before going into university and we hope it provides a comfort to those who will inevitably share our experiences.”

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