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Devendra Banhart Teams up with Wu-Tang Member

Ah, Devendra Banhart, kooky, pastoral folk artist who loves rappers Wu Tang Clan and is now going to work with them. No, really, apparently it’s completely true. He told Paste Magazine "Not everybody knows I'm a big fan of Wu-Tang. I started making music thanks to skate videos, and a big part of skateboarding at the time was hip-hop. The first thing I ever did with a printer was print out the Wu-Tang symbol – the W – and just glue it on my skateboard." This was by way of explanation for confirming the rumor that Banhart is going to work with Wu-er GZA. The two met at a party through another member, the similarly named RZA, and then discussed “atomic energy and how the sun is powered. We talked about dark matter. Then I sent him my catalogue. And he said "Hey man, will you write some stuff? Let's write together.'" So far GZA has added some lyrics to track ‘Baby’, and Banhart is refusing to deny they might work on an album. Will this prove a gateway for hardcore hip hop fans into folk?

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