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Die Antwoord: 'Lady Gaga is a fuktard parasite biter bitch’

Die Antwoord: 'Lady Gaga is a fuktard parasite biter bitch’

South African hip hop experimentalists Die Antwoord have some choice words for Lady Gaga, labelling her as a "fuktard parasite biter bitch".

Ninja from the group feels that Gaga has copied the longtime iconic hair of Yolandi Visser, Die Antwoord's frontwoman. So they reposted the image of Gaga's new hair on Instagram with the caption: "this iz exactly why we diss this fuktard parasite biter bitch #gagaNYfashionweek".

This isn't the first untoward exchange between the two, however, with it beginning years back when Lady Gaga asked the duo to open for her on tour. They took offense to the jibe, releasing a video in which they mauled an effigy of Gaga (see at the very bottom). Her response was to cite on Twitter how the South Africans don't have a hit.

"i fink u freaky but you don't have a hit. hundred thousand tickets sold in SA. #thatsmyshit."

Compare the two haircuts and pick your side below.

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