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Disney move to sue Deadmau5 over mouse logo, his response is great

Disney move to sue Deadmau5 over mouse logo, his response is great

DJ Deadmau5 has gone head-to-head with the galactic empire, i.e. Disney in a legal battle over his mouse logo.

Compare the two here:

Cheesed off: DJ Deadmau5 is getting ready to fight with Disney over whether he can have his logo trademarked



Deadmau5 said the following of the debacle: "Landed home to some interesting news: looks like Disney officially just filed in opposition of my trademark... lawyer up mickey. Oh, in other news.. im home! time to catch up with my cat for a minute and enjoy some timmies and ponder the finer points of trademark legal."

The Walt Disney Company are renown for boisterously defending their Mickey Mouse trademark.

Read our review of Deadmau5 live at iTunes Festival earlier this week here.

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