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Disney pauses work on Star Wars spin-offs

Disney pauses work on Star Wars spin-offs
Solo: A Star Wars Story hasn’t done very well as a cultural shift has taken place, turning the IP from something generally praised like Marvel to something generally disliked, like DC. Now Disney has reacted to this by pausing work on the rest of the Star Wars Story line, meaning Obi Wan and Boba Fett (presumably among others) await their fate.
Episode IX is still coming, of course, but Episode VIII seems to have really screwed things up for the franchise and caused the shift. Collider is reporting all efforts will be directed to IX, getting that story closed off before deciding what will happen next. 
VIII’s director, Rian Johnson, is due to helm a new trilogy, but that must surely be in question. Films from Games of Throne’s showrunners seem safe. 

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