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Disney: there could be 15 more years of Star Wars

Disney: there could be 15 more years of Star Wars
Everyone knows there’s going to be Star Wars episodes 8 and 9, and a Han Solo movie, but no one really knew what to expect after that. After all, Disney weren’t going to stop making money were they? Well, Disney CEO Bob Iger has been speaking, and it’s good news for everyone interested in the franchise… perhaps too good news.
Iger began by saying "When we bought Lucasfilm, we were going to make three films — Episodes VII, VIII and IX," which we don’t believe, quite frankly, but he said "We’re starting talk about what could happen after Episode IX. About what could be another decade-and-a-half of Star Wars stories."
Let that just sink in. Star Wars movies continuing into the 2030s. The Boba Fett movie must now be inevitable.  

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