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Dodgy music plugger sends Annie Lennox hilarious email

Dodgy music plugger sends Annie Lennox hilarious email
Annie Lennox, realty very famous. So famous, there’s a legend the Brit Awards had a complete revamp because she was dominating the best female category when she didn’t even have music out. (And legends aren’t true.) Well, it turns out she’s not reached all the world yet, and from there things get hilarious.
Annie took to Facebook to post an email she received from a radio station, who said she had potential and they could help her career because they had come “across your music online and really like what I heard.” To Annie fucking Lennox.


Now, obviously I’m being mean, because I work in music and will probably make some terrible mistake myself. So while it’s tempting to say “did you not Google Annie,” I’ll just add, oops.

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