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Does Bond boss find Tom Hiddleston too smug and soft?

Does Bond boss find Tom Hiddleston too smug and soft?
Somebody has to play James Bond in the next film, because there’s too large a profit available for it not to happen. The question is, who? Current incumbent Daniel Craig said he’d rather slash his wrists than play Bond again, but have a few successful years doing other things mellowed him? An unnamed source told Page Six that producer Barbara Broccoli has all but persuaded Daniel to return for a big payment thanks for producing a version of Othello that earned Craig praise.
But… the source says something else. Bookies think Tom ‘Night Manager and Loki’ Hiddleston would be great, or at least they want to take the money of people who think he’d be great. 
These people do not, allegedly, include Barbara Broccoli, who is, again, alleged, to think Hiddleston too “smug” and “not tough enough.” The Taylor Swift silliness and a recent odd awards speech played into this.

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