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Dolly Parton plays to one of the biggest crowds Worthy Farm has ever seen -Glastonbury review

Dolly Parton plays to one of the biggest crowds Worthy Farm has ever seen
With hangover's beginning to subside, it was time for this year's Sunday late-afternoon legend, the one and only Dolly Parton. Playing to what was agreed by the majority as "a bigger crowd than the Rolling Stones had for last year's headline slot", Dolly brings utter confidence and absolute star power to Worthy Farm. 
After an emotional beginning, we're plunged into 'Jolene', and the horde is sent into rapture. Even the security guards for that matter are line dancing in-sync with one another; only Dolly, and only at Glastonbury. Besides her scores of hits, Parton has a tender side, illustrated wonderfully by delicate four part choral harmonies shared between the band. We weren't to be fooled though as, although she is from a family of twelve, her family weren't Catholic but rather "horny hillbillies", she hilariously assures us. 
Parton qualifies for a free bus pass and is still the sexiest woman at Worthy Farm this year. Her porch-dwelling wisdom is fascinating, and you can't help but think she's one of the last of a dying breed. Despite the appearance from exiled Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, hearing over 120,000 people who are set to return to their real lives tomorrow scream the words of 'Nine to Five' to the sky fills me with a genuine pride to have witnessed a master at work.

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