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Donald Trump Fans Banned from Wavves gig

Donald Trump Fans Banned from Wavves gig

Later this month, Wavves will be going on tour, starting at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix. However, as band member Nathan Williams wrote, racists, homophobes, misogynists and Trump supporters will not be welcome at the upcoming gigs.

The singer continued to state that people are suffering every day and that “you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem”. While Nathan Williams admits that its healthy to have different opinions be acknowledged, he also feels that people need to know who he personally makes music for and who he doesn’t. “I’d rather have a room half-filled with good energy than one filled with hate”.

A detailed list was made by Nathan Williams and later posted on the band’s Twitter account. The list includes “Anyone who has harboured resentment in any way towards the homosexual community in any way”; anyone who “thought a rape victim had it coming because she was dressed a certain way or was too intoxicated”; those who supported the anti-abortion hashtag #alllivesmatter; white people who use racial slurs; and anyone who has “gone out of their way” to defend American police. Donald Trump supporters are on the list because as it says on the list, “That’s basically three or four of the aforementioned topics”.

By Tom Lafferty.

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