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Double video hit: FKA Twigs and Foals

Double video hit: FKA Twigs and Foals
A double dose of great new music for you today. First up, FKA Twigs, who directed the video herself. She’s released some brilliant music recently, and this is no exception, so here she is explaining the theme: “You can take the girl out of the suburbs but you can’t take the suburbs out of the girl. ‘home with you’ reinforced my reoccurring suspicion that when i’m in doubt, I should follow my gut and go home”
Foals have been on a great run and now have an animated video from Steve Warn, who’s worked with Tim Burton in the past. “The world of the song is so distinctive it seemed right to try and reflect it fairly closely with a mix of shimmering, expansive visuals with a human intimacy,” Warne explained of the relatively slower song. “The visual motifs were linked closely to the lyrics… By mixing traditional stop-motion with live action and digital animation techniques the idea was to aim for something that felt just about tangible but almost out of reach, echoing the themes of the song in a heightened dreamlike way. A little bit of reality with a dose of mystery.”

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