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Doves cancel all dates because of mental health

Doves cancel all dates because of mental health
Doves have today cancelled all their published tour dates, including the 2022 UK and Ireland haunt, because of singer Jimi Goodwin’s health issues. 
“I’m unfortunately unable to commit to forthcoming Doves live dates, meaning they have to be cancelled,” Goodwin said in a statement, “My decision to bow out, is believe me, not something I’ve taken lightly. One should never apologise for having issues with their mental health, but I do want to say ‘sorry’ to all that have bought tickets. I’m truly grateful for the patience, love and understanding of my brothers Andy, Jez and Rebelski.”
“I’m also incredibly grateful for the support, love and appreciation folks have shown for Doves’ music over the years. The reception ‘The Universal Want’ received, our first LP in 11 years left us immensely proud. What fantastic affirmation of Jez, Andy and I. Sunshine in these tumultuous times. Thank you.”
The rest of the band added “We are gutted to have to say that all upcoming Doves live dates have to be cancelled. Our sincere apologies go out to everyone who has bought tickets, it’s news that we are finding incredibly difficult to put into words, knowing none will lessen your disappointment. Honestly we feel it too… We have to take each other’s welfare as seriously as the music and, sadly, mental health issues simply mean that performing live isn’t possible for us at this time or for the immediate future.”

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