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Dreamy new song: Billie Marten’s Creature of Mine

Dreamy new song: Billie Marten’s Creature of Mine
Billie Marten is prepping for the release of her third album, which is bloody good going for someone who’s twenty one years old. We’ve been following her career for what feels like years (err, because it has been), and she’s never wavered off the path of engaging, wonderful music. Hence our excitement for May 21st and the release of Flora Fauna.
Luckily for us all, a cut came out today called ‘Creature of Mine’. Here she is explaining what the dreamy tune is about: “It’s an end of the world, post-apocalyptic scenario – you get to choose one thing, one person to leave it with. It’s a love song to a stranger and a polite request to momentarily leave Earth when it’s all too much.”
So can she become huge now please?

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