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East London's venues have to be shut by midnight on weekends, earlier in the week if new law passes

East London's venues have to be shut by midnight on weekends, earlier in the week if new law passes

Changes in licensing proposed by Hackney's councillor Emma Plouviez would see East London clubs and shops close by 11pm in the week and 12am at the weekend.

Plouviez's statement says, “The vast majority of these are in Dalston and Shoreditch. We’re reaching saturation point and in our view these areas are losing the balance between the rights of residents and the rights of businesses. It’s the Council’s job to try and strike this fair balance around quality of life, and this is why we are proposing changes to the Licensing Policy.”

Following plans to extend the tube to run throughout the night, it makes the plans in one of London's thriving echelons even sillier. 

The proposal also says that “It aims to provide a more appropriate mix, and proposes a range of measures such as different opening hours for town centres and residential areas; relaxation of the Dalston SPA with later "core hours" for new businesses; and new acceptable hours for restaurants, theatres and cinemas in town centres.”

Phil Hutcheon CEO of gig website DICE, argues against it, saying: “Hackney is one of the most vibrant cultural hubs in the UK. Its nightlife has given birth to a wealth of creatives, musicians and artists. The proposals the council have put forward are draconian. They don’t account for the interests of the people who live and work here; people who have been drawn to the area precisely because of it’s unique nightlife. It’s not just license holders that will be affected, there'll be a knock on impact on other industries too.

If we let them have their way, everywhere in London will soon be just like Clapham Junction. Sign the petition against the plans here.

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