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Ed O’Brien releases solo song and namechecks Lovecraft and Junji Ito

Ed O’Brien releases solo song and namechecks Lovecraft and Junji Ito
The long awaited solo album from Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien is coming, and he’ll go by the name EOB to do it. We now have a full track from it, called Brasil, and as fans of Lovecraft and Ito it made our hearts fill with joy to read the fluff:
“Brasil is a state of mind, not a place or time…H.P. Lovecraft, Kubrick, and Junji Ito have created some of my favorite sci-fi narratives…But I’ve always wanted to reinterpret their horrific premises into a more poetic and optimistic notion…What if an alien or higher being were to come to earth to help us achieve a greater existence, and not to destroy us? What would it look like if everyone on earth shared thoughts, experiences, and actions?”
“The theory that humans, as a species, actually represent one large, singular organism has always fascinated me, and I wanted to explore that concept visually through a variety of different character perspectives, mediums, and impressionistic visual effects. All these layers and ideas culminated into our narrative for ‘Brasil.’”
So yeah, enjoy this dreamy new single on those cold winter days with it’s almost nine minutes of building awesome, enjoy the cool video, and hopefully check out the masterpieces of horror Junji has produced for a totally different vibe.

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