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Ed Sheeran gives Brits and Grammys to local Charity shop

Ed Sheeran gives Brits and Grammys to local Charity shop

The famous Gremlin and professional nice guy, Ed Sheeran, has donated both his Brit and Grammy award to a local charity shop.

Sheeran donated 12 bags of clothes to his local St Elizabeth's Hospice that included suits to all recent award ceremonies and a lot of checked shirts.

Shop manager Rachail Pollard said: ‘We are delighted that Ed has chosen to donate so many of his clothes to us. ‘Over the last few years we have had multiple donations from him and they have proved very popular, with people coming from all over to queue outside the shop to buy them, as well as people all across the globe bidding online. People arrived aerly before the shop opened. Clothes donated to St Elizabeth Hospice shop in Framlingham, Suffolk, by pop sensation Ed Sheeran have been flying off the shelves - with shoppers offering hundreds of pounds for a shirt he wore in the latest Bridget Jones blockbuster.

The 25-year-old singer donated a dozen bags of old clothes to the St Elizabeth Hospice shop in Framlingham, Suffolk, where he grew up. Since they went on sale on Saturday, the shop has made more than £1,000 in sales, after eager shoppers waited outside for the doors to open. As well as the shirt he wore in a cameo scene in Bridget Jones' Baby - where Sheeran meets Renee Zelwegger's character Bridget in a bar - he donated suits from the Grammy and Brit awards ceremonies and his "Justice for Gingers" t-shirt.

‘We are really grateful to Ed for choosing to support us and we’re sure his clothes will fly out of the shop.’ 

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