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Ed Sheeran will hold a singles chart record forever after new rule changes

Ed Sheeran will hold a singles chart record forever after new rule changes
Ah, the Official Singles Chart, once a must read for the pop fan wanting to know what’s hot and what’s not, now lumbering along under the suspicion it’s been replaced by an algorithm on whatever streaming site manages to make money first, a concept hoped for more by venture capitalists than Theresa May dreams of a proper majority. Do we remember that time in March when the singles chart saw Ed Sheeran get 16 tracks in the top 20? Well it won’t happen again.
The singles chart want to remain the singles chart, not the everyone’s streaming a new album chart, so are changing the rules, cutting things down to the most popular three tracks from each artist, which is fair enough, and then changing streams to sales ratios depending on sales and time in chart to throw older music out quicker, which is bullshit. Either allow streams or fuck off.
The charts explained it like this: “This is not a chart for album tracks; we want to remain the Official Singles Chart, for singles,” he said. “It’s tougher than ever for new music and developing artists to break through, and this is us doing our bit… This is about injecting energy back into the chart.”
They think you broke the charts Ed and they’ve come for you.

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