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Editors release striking new song

Editors release striking new song
With the release of their new LP Violence coming closer, Editors have unleashed a new song. ‘Hallelujah (So Low)’ starts sparse, with an acoustic guitar, but soon explodes and has a lithe, suitably fraught core throughout.
You don’t have to wonder what it’s about, as singer Tom Smuth has told NME:  “I wrote the words to ‘Hallelujah (So Low)’ when I got back from a trip with Oxfam, visiting refugee camps in Northern Greece… It was obviously an incredibly moving trip, seeing people living in dust, surviving only on the help of others was very moving…Musically the track hung on the relationship between the acoustic guitar and the drum machine, that was part of the track from my demo, it had something special very early on…then when Justin came up with his outrageous guitar riff we knew we had a winner. It’s the most “rock” we’ve ever been and it’s exhilarating.”
It really is very good, and there’s a video too. Violence is out March 9th.

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