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Eggheads' CJ de Mooi has been arrested on suspicion of murder

Eggheads' CJ de Mooi has been arrested on suspicion of murder

CJ de Mooi is known by all as the most passive aggressive man on television, however, reports today suggest that there may be something more to that smarm other than a sublime level of trivia.

Yes, the Eggheads star was arrested at Heathrow airport this morning on a court order by Dutch police. This all stems from claims in his 2014 autobiography that suggest he murdered a man on the streets of Amsterdam in 1988.

He claims that a man approached him with a knife and he punched him, throwing him into a canal because he "caught him on the wrong day".

We know what you're thinking: bullshit. Unit-shifting bullshit. Well - it may still be that - but it's a good enough lie to convince Dutch police that he needs a trial. 

The Police's statement reads: "Joseph Connagh, 46, self employed, of Monmouthshire appears in custody at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Thursday, 22 September."

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