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Elbow announce new album

Elbow announce new album
Elbow are going to release a new LP called ‘Flying Dream 1’. It will be there ninth studio album and was very much the product pf lockdown: the band started sending each other “little love notes” on a musical theme, and over time, without meeting, these evolved into songs. “We realised we were making a record free of the usual creative guidelines,” Guy Garvey is quoted as saying. 
Indeed,  “it felt natural to make an album that focuses on the gentler side of our music… There have been challenges, but through them writing together remotely was a lifeline. It’s bruised and wistful, nostalgic, and thankful. We’re so lucky that all our family and friends are safe. It’s about that love…”
The band then met in the Brighton Theatre Royal and record final versions. “Hiring a two hundred year old theatre that has never in its history been closed for so long was something that could only be done under the circumstances….nice to turn it on its head in that way… Recording in a splendid generous space with no audience was something that throws an anchor in the times that the record was made in.”
It’ll be out November 19th.

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